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Suburban Turban are a high end retailer specialising in headwear for women with hair loss. Their market share had decreased due to lots of cheaper imported products. These imports are one size fits all and made from inferior material. Suburban Turban has a made to order service and uses breathable, comfortable fabrics suitable for transitioning from outdoor to indoors. The aim was to differentiate them from cheaper alternatives and drive more traffic to their website to increase sales.

Exclusive rabge of unique and sophisticated chemo hats.



The clients website was in process of having some updates to optimise SEO and also to improve the buying process as it was fairly complex. Was quite difficult to navigate at times. Their Facebook platform, whilst updated regularly, was attracting much engagement from its followers and not directing people to the website. Lots of content was really relevant to their audience which was great – however there was no emphasis on their expertise and quality as expert milliners. There was little created content and the page needed some more investment in video and overall branding. Suburban Turban had a great opportunity to utilise engaging and emotive content around their subject matter.


There was a great opportunity to create an engaged and supportive hub on Facebook. It’s a very emotive and supportive subject matter so we wanted to build on this. There was also a need to bring the brand to life and focus on the experts behind the scenes. One of the main priorities was also using Facebook ads to carefully target women who this may be useful for. Suburban Turban needed to differentiate from other competitors by having the edge on style and fashion – therefore it was necessary to really incorporate an emphasis on styling tips suitable for the right audience.



Content strategy included:

  • Client testimonials
  • Including a Facebook Shop tab
  • Facebook Advertising to drive email sign ups
  • Focus on Evening and Occassion wear in the run up to Christmas
  • Q&A’s with influencers like Fuzzy Snoods.
  • Video – how to do a head wrapping, how to measure your head size correctly
  • Fashion and style advice/curated content
  • Health news for alopecia and chemotherapy patients

Posts were done twice a day at optimum times and regular engagement was carried out. Facebook advertising was carried out over a 4 week period, testing video, copy, images, audiences and outcomes. Facebook pixel was installed in order to track results and also to retarget web visitors.


  • Increased web traffic by 3025% over a 4 week period.
  • Achieved a CPC of £0.11
  • Increased engagement by 117%
  • Increased sales by 11%

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